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Lemme take you to the beach is a CD full of (mostly) surf instrumental bands performing the music of Frank Zappa.

It has 27 tracks and it lasts 70 minutes.

You can go to the mail-order page and buy it right now if you like. For an initial period the postage on this CD is free to anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, don't forget to have a look at Peter Van Laarhoven's United Mutations website. There are things on there about this CD including interviews with some of the contributing groups.

Track listing and links:

1. an introduction by Phil Dirt

The Spoilers

2. lumpy gravy - The Spoilers

The Atomic Mosquitos

3. let’s make the water turn black - The Atomic Mosquitos

4. the orange county lumber truck – Fudge


5. letter from jeepers – Estrume’n’tal

The Bitch Boys

6. memories of el monte – The Bitch Boys

Sr. Bikini

7. jewish princess – Sr. Bikini

8. g-spot tornado – The Invisible Birds

Don'd Mobile Barbers

9. baby snakes – Don’s Mobile Barbers

10. we are not alone – The Concaves

11. zoot allures – The Foolz

12. i ain’t got no heart – Green Windows

The Muffinmates

13. love of my life – The Muffinmates

The Diamondheads

14. any way the wind blows – The Diamondheads

15. I’m not satisfied – The Urban Surf Kings

16. you’re probably wondering why I’m here – The Test Tone Five

17. lumpy gravy – Pavlov’s Woody

Corky Niedermayer

18. take your clothes off when you dance – Corky Niedermayer


19. aybe sea – Breakfastime

Pollo Del Mar

20. peaches en regalia – Pollo Del Mar

21. willie the pimp – The Vivisectors

The Thurston Lava Tube

22. mr. green genes – The Thurston Lava Tube

Wrong Object

23. king kong – The Wrong Object (featuring Andrew Norris)

R. Stevie Moore

24. cruising for burgers – R. Stevie Moore

25. the air - Our Flying Saucer

26. if we’d all been living in California…

27. lemme take you to the beach – Frankie and the Pool Boys


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