Can we come and record our band in your studio?

Yes. To make a booking ring Stayfree on 0116 2230303 or send an email to cordeliarecords@stayfree.co.uk

How much does it cost?

Its £16 per hour in the week and £18 per hour at the weekends.

Does that include a recording engineer?


Where are you?

We're at Stayfree, Lillie House, 1a Conduit Street, Leicester, LE2 7PU. (Next door to the train station). The front door is in between Ultima Thule and the chinese restaurant.

Is there anywhere to park?

At evenings and weekends you can get a permit to use Stayfree's car park from the reception desk. Apart from that there's the train station car park (on the other side of the station) and a multi-storey next to the Y Theatre, both nearby. You might also find spaces on the street after 6pm.

What are your opening times?

Approximately 9am till Midnight every day.

What do we need to bring with us?

Your instruments some drum sticks, and it's probably a good idea to bring your own cymbals too. You can bring your own drums and amplifiers if you prefer, but we do have some of those.

What happens then?

You play your songs like you do when you rehearse. We put microphones near the instruments and record them. You can add more instruments afterwards. You can add lots more instruments if you like. You can add 17 extra guitar parts if you think that's a good idea. Then we mix it. While this goes on you listen to it and say such things as: "Can I have my guitar solo louder please?" "Can you put more reverb on the snare drum?" and "My guitar solo still isn't loud enough".

Will you tell me if you think something doesn't sound right?

Yes. But you don't have to take any notice.

How long will it take to record and mix three songs?

The average would be about 8 hours. The fastest you can possibly do it would be about three hours, but that would be if you played everything right the first time and hardly did any overdubs. Sometimes people work on the same song for a couple of weeks.

If I bring in a backing track on CD can you record me singing over it and then put them together on another CD?


I've got this idea for a backing track for me to sing over. Can you record it for me?

No, you have to bring the music with you one way or another.

What do we get our music on at the end?

Usually a CD. You could also have it on DAT, CDROM (in WAV, AIFF, MP3 or probably any other format) minidisk or audio cassette.

Can you make an MP3 and upload it to our band's myspace site?


Can we record our band live (all playing together) in the studio?


Can we record just the drums first and then add the other instruments one by one afterwards?


Can you do this particular effect I have in mind?


What about the one on the vocals that makes them sound like singing through a megaphone?


Will our recording be as loud as my favourite record, which is really really loud?


Can I bring in this album by my favourite band and play it to you to show you what we want our drums to sound like?


Will you be able to make them sound like that?

Possibly, we'll have a go.

What package do you use? Cubase or Logic?

We don't use a package.

Does that Hammond organ work?


What's the most famous band you've ever recorded?

We've never recorded anybody famous.

Do you like our band?


Do you eat a lot of eggs?