The History of the Chrysanthemums

This band was formed by Alan Jenkins and Yukio Yung in 1986. They made this album...


Is that a Fish on your Shoulder or are you just Pleased to See Me?

..."Is that a fish on your shoulder or are you just pleased to see me?".

Vladimir Zajkoweicz joined on bass and they made this one...

Little Flecks of Foam Around Barking


..."Little Flecks of Foam Around Barking", a double album and a lost psychedelic classic.
Odessey and Oracle

And they made this one...

..."Odessey and Oracle". This is a cover version of a whole album by The Zombies, which is also a lost psychedelic classic. But not as lost as The Chrysanthemums one.

So then they added a keyboard player called Johnny Lemon and a drummer called Robyn Gibson and went on a twenty five date tour of Europe - and after that they never played together again. But while they were in Europe they recorded this...

...there are two different versions of this one. The L.P. is called "Two Thirty -Gallon Drums of Banana Puree" and the CD is called "Insect Insect".

Insect Insect
After that Alan, Vladimir and Robyn joined The Creams, Lemon went to live in America and Yukio went solo using the modified band name "Chrys&themums".
The Chjrysanthemums in Vienna


Here are The Chrysanthemums playing a concert at the Szene in Vienna in 1991. From the left we have: Lemon, Alan, Robyn, Vladimir and Yukio.


Here's another picture of them, I think probably in Frankfurt.


Robyn seems to have turned into a dog.
Here is an artist's impression of what they would have looked like if they'd all lived till 2007.
But wait... In 2015 The Chrysanthemums recorded a new album called Decoy for a Dognapper. It is a concept album based on an episode of the popular Hanna Barbera cartoon series Scooby Doo. All the previous members of The Chrysanthemums appear on it, but it isn't quite finished yet. Here is a preliminary version of a mere suggestion of a cover design. Decoy v1


(I think I'm right in saying that all the photographs on this page - of The Chrysanthemums in Austria in 1991 - were taken by Klaus Totzler)

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